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Extra Activities Offered

We have several "extracurricular" activies that go out throughout the year. Here you will find more information about them.

Music In Motion

Mona Judy is a state credentialed teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and Health. She started My Music in Motion in 2001 and has been jumping around with children ever since.


The program is a 30 minute aerobic workout that is masked behind enthusiastic music and creative movement. This program will provide your child with a musical experience while they hop, jump, run, gallop, balance, skip, dance and sing! Gross motor skills, coordination, rhythm, flexibility, strength, and stamina are just a few more of the great benefits. Putting music to motion improves spatial reasoning, left and right brain development, and makes it fun!


Classes are offered:

Tuesdays @ 10:30am or

Thursdays at 3:30pm.


Classes will start Sept 3rd.



Ages 3yrs-10 years   $25/month

Siblings                $20/month


Contact Ms. Sam, Ms. Traci, or your child's teacher if interested! You can contact Mona at 805-602-6808 or via email @

Taking Impressions

Maureen will be here Taking Impressions on September 10th. Made from fired and glazed fine white ceramic clay.



Single $35

Double $50

2 Siblings $50

Parent & Child $65


Contact Ms. Traci, Ms. Sam, or your child's teacher if interested. You can also contact Maureen at 805-268-8628 or email at


Also see more options online at



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