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Our Mission: We want to impact children and their families in the name of Christ
by loving God in front of children and loving children in front of God.
Our Vision:
At New Life Preschool we acknowledge the importance of a child's developmental years. We strive to provide a quality program by teaching children about Jesus and how much He loves them. Our primary goal is to partner with parents in teaching their children in the areas of spiritual, emotional, social, physical, and academic development while introducing such virtues as respect, responsibility, cooperation, patience, obedience and self-control.
Our Values are to:
  *Embrace and encourage families as we partner together in planning the steps of their child's Christian early childhood education.
*Build a solid Christ-Centered foundation
by offering opportunities for learning age-appropriate bible stories, songs of praise, and prayer.
*Teach children who Jesus is, that He loves them and has a plan for their lives so that they will be able to create that love with their family, school, and community.
*Present learning in a way that will stimulate a child's curiosity by intentionally providing materials that are fun, exciting and new.
*Through observation and assessment,
create a child-targeted curriculum based on
our knowledge of how children learn in order
to insure that every child is successful.
*Provide a gifted, caring and loving Christian staff that are educated in child development and qualified to work with toddlers and preschool age children through the California Department of Social Services.
*Provide the safest, most secure environment by maintaining visibility of the children at all times, assessing the environment and toys daily, and screening all teaching staff, volunteers and visitors.
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