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​At New Life Preschool, we believe that children learn by being

active participants who explore, experiment and inquire. During play,

children are free to experiment, attempt and try out possibilities;

enabling them to reach above and beyond their usual level of abilities.

Play offers children opportunities to master their environment.

When children play, they are in command; they use their imagination

and power of choice to determine the conditions of play. In an environment

where children are allowed to discover independently at their own pace

and in their own unique way they are more likely to become enthusiastic,
inquisitive learners.


Play Centers
Our environments are set up with areas to learn through blocks, language, creativity, dramatic play, math, and science centers. We use "Group Time" to explore areas such as the Bible, songs and finger play, calendar, and much more. An activity is planned each day to reinforce either our weekly theme or Bible story.
​Bible Stories
Our Bible curriculum is
called Grow! The weekly Bible story is taught in the classroom during group time as well as our weekly chapel with either our teachers or guest ministry leaders. Activities are also included to reinforce the stories.
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